Top Hand Wash Brands in India

top hand wash brands india

Hands are one of the most exposed parts of our body. They are always in contact with germs, dirt, and other contaminants. Good hand hygiene is the way to keep our hands clean and healthy. So, today in this blog, we are going to discuss the top hand wash brands in India. Hand wash is one of the basic needs of every household. Most of the brands in India are popular for their quality and durability.So we can expect every brand to give us quality wash and these brands are best in this category.

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  1. Hand washing has major benefits for your health and hygiene
  2. What is the best hand wash for you?
  3. Where can you buy hand wash?
  4. What are the best hand wash brands in India?

Hand wash is the best way to keep germs and bacteria away from your hands and from the rest of your body.

Hand Washing Has Major Benefits for Your Health & Hygiene

There are many benefits of hand washing with soap or hand wash, including reducing the risk of diarrhoea, respiratory infections, and food poisoning. It also helps prevent the spread of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, which is particularly important in hospitals. Wash your hands with soap when they are visibly dirty, after touching animal faeces, after going to the toilet, after changing nappies, before and after preparing food, and after handling raw meat, fish, and poultry. Scrub your hands for at least 20 seconds, using soap (or hand wash if available) or clean running water. Wash your hands even if you don’t visibly see dirt or germs on them.

What is The Best Hand Wash for You

Hand wash or hand soap is an important part of personal hygiene. It is the first and foremost step you need to take after using the bathroom. Toilet paper is a quick fix for hygiene but it is not enough to keep you clean. Hand wash is the best way to keep you and your surroundings clean. A good hand wash prevents you from spreading germs and bacteria. It is important to use a good hand wash if you are a frequent traveler since you are likely to come into contact with many people and things. Many hand wash brands are available in the market. So how do you choose the right one? The choice of hand wash is based on the type of skin you have and the type of soaps that suit it. You should choose a hand wash that suits your skin type. Some people have dry skin while others have oily skin. The skin type for some people is normal. You should choose a hand wash that suits your skin type. If you have dry skin, you should use a hand wash that is moisturizing. If your skin is oily, you should use a soap that dries your hands.

Where can you buy Hand Wash

Hand wash is a must in every home and office. It is a necessity that helps you keep your hands clean and germ free. But the question that arises here is that where is the best place to buy hand wash? You can get your desired hand wash from various retail stores available in your city. Many people prefer buying hand washes from retail stores like Big Bazaar, Reliance Retail, Godrej, etc. But not everyone likes to go to the market or shop online such as

What are the Best Hand Wash Brands in India

Hand washing in India is a big business and there are a lot of brands in the market. We all know the importance of hand washing and its significance in everyday life. Good hygiene is an important part of our lives and we have to wash our hands with a good hand wash product. So, we have made a list of the best hand wash brands in India,

Savlon Hand Wash

Hand wash is one of the most commonly used things in every house. But not all soaps are created equal. In fact, some brands are so popular that they are considered a standard for hand wash. Savlon is one of those brands. It was launched in 1942 and has been a household name ever since. Savlon has a variety of soaps and lotions, but they are most popular for their hand washes. Savlon is a trusted brand because of its quality products that are effective and affordable.

Lifebuoy Total Hand Wash

Lifebuoy Total Hand wash is one of the most trusted hand wash brands in India. It is manufactured by the Hindustan Unilever Ltd. Lifebuoy Total is a trusted brand when it comes to hand washing and hand washing is a basic necessity in our kitchen as it is used to clean the hands after preparing food. Lifebuoy Total Hand Wash.

Lifebuoy Hand Wash

Dettol Liquid Hand Wash

Dettol liquid handwash is a disinfectant which is used to kill germs on hands. This hand wash is helpful in killing germs such as E. coli, salmonella and staphylococcus aureus. It is a good product for people who are allergic to synthetic chemicals. This hand wash is available in various fragrances. It has a pleasant fragrance which can make you feel fresh even after a day’s hard work. This hand wash is available in different packs of sizes. You can carry it while travelling. It comes in a small pack of 200 ml or in a bigger pack of 500 ml.

Dettol Hand Wash

Godrej Protekt Germ Fighter Hand Wash

Godrej Protekt’s Germ Fighter Hand Wash tried to target a young demographic of people in the nation, and encouraged them to consider that the product would help them stay healthy. To help accomplish this goal, they designed webisodes that hopefully got those people thinking about something important in their lives that they may have not thought about before: their health.

Godrej Hand wash

Santoor Classic Gentle Hand Wash

Santoor Classic Gentle Hand Wash is one of the most popular hand wash brands in India. This soap brand was launched in India in 1972. It is purely made out of Indian herbs. The company claims that it is a herbal hand wash used to clean your hands and maintain their natural softness. The soap contains Aloe Vera which helps to moisturize the skin and reduce dryness. It also contains herbal extracts which help in controlling the oil production on the skin. It is also free from chemical preservatives.

Santoor hand wash

Hand wash brands are an important part of the personal care industry in India. Hand washing is essential to maintain hygiene, which is why it’s needed on a regular basis by people from all around the country. Above mentioned hand wash products can help you to maintain your hygiene on a daily basis.

Frequently Asked Questions, Answered

Which Hand Wash is Best Dettol or Lifebuoy?

The debate between LifeBuoy and Dettol has raged on for many years. Both are made of similar ingredients, but they have different concentrations of the same chemicals. Lifebuoy is slightly more concentrated than Dettol, but it also contains perfume.

Which is the Cheapest Hand Wash in India?

There is no cheapest hand wash. It is all the same or it depends on the quantity of the product. It is a very subjective question, as a man’s cheap may be expensive for a woman. It is all about the needs and wants of each individual. E.g.: Maybe a hand wash with a very cheap price could be an herbal natural hand wash, which is not liked by a person who is used to a branded one. Thus there is no such thing as the cheapest hand wash. Dettol, Lifebuoy are affordable options which you can buy on amazon.

Which Hand Wash is Best for Skin?

Read the label, and use the one that suits you the most. If you have very sensitive skin, go for a soap free liquid hand wash, if you have dry skin, use a moisturizing liquid hand wash and if you have oily skin, use a lotion enriched with antibacterial ingredients. Hand wash is not only good for your hygiene, but also very affordable when compared to hand lotion. Also, you can use hand wash to remove makeup, which will avoid breakouts. Remember to wash your hands after coming in from outside and before eating.

Does Soap Based Hand Wash Have Alcohol?

Soap based hand wash does not have alcohol, but the hand sanitizer which is alcohol based. So it is a high quality wash without any harmful effects.

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